Get The Look: Repurposing Your Summer Pieces For Fall


It seems like you just completed your summer wardrobe and you’re already seeing fall trends everywhere!  Don’t fret!  We have some amazing tips on how to work your summer wardrobe into fall’s upcoming trends!

Cropped Jackets:  Don’t store away those cropped jackets.  A bomber jacket is the perfect addition to a punk look.  Think leather, colored (faux) furs and plaid.

Pencil Skirts:  Pencil skirts were spotted everywhere this summer.  For a sexy look, pair it with a turtleneck.



Brights + Darks:  The two might not go together in the washing machine, but they go GREAT in colder weather! Instead of sticking with the monochromatic matchy-matchy hues that hit the 2013 Summer runways, limit yourself to one bright color. Layering is always major when it comes to fall fashion.  Use it to your advantage!  Wear a brightly colored camisole under a darker jacket with a pair of jeans and topped with a neutral scarf!


Accessories:  We’re seeing plaid fedoras and plain knit beanies all over the place.  If you want to go the extra mile, and, of course, hang on to your last summer days, pin 2013’s summer jewelry INTO your hats!   Your sassy summer accessories can make great fall embellishments!


Photo Credit: Flickr

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