Serious Eats: A Deliciously Chic Food Truck Worth Trying

Pancakes and waffles are a girl’s best friend. Well, not really – just in my world.  I’m always on the go and up for travelling with the hubby and friends, anticipating the exploration of new restaurants.

So, what are we dying to try at Morning Cup of Style?  The Buttermilk Truck!  Founded by Gigi Pascual, The Buttermilk Truck brings homemade breakfast favorites to the streets of Los Angeles using a key ingredient, BUTTERMILK, in almost all of its menu items.

Considering that I love red velvet anything, the truck offers red velvet chocolate chip pancakes.  YUM!

If Los Angeles is a tad bit too far, you can always order the pancake mix and serve it up in your own kitchen.

Twitter: @Buttermilktruck
Facebook: The Buttermilk Truck
Instagram: @Buttermilktruck

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