Blingsting: The Girly Pepper Spray


Never did I imagine that pepper spray could be so deliciously packaged, ready to protect, while making such a fabulous statement of style.  I often think about purchasing pepper spray from hardware stores, gun shops and other places where I don’t fit in.  Blingsting is much different.  It’s a revamped can of pepper spray with a sparkly rhinestone case and heart-shaped nozzle.

I had an opportunity to chat with Andi Atteberry, who began developing the concept four years ago with her mom, about the celeb-worthy item that has changed the look of safety.

Andi Atteberry

Andi Atteberry

MCOS: Blingsting! How cool is that?  You’ve totally given pepper spray a makeover! Where did the idea for Blingsting originate from? 

Andi: My dad has been bringing home pepper spray for our family for years. While we understood the practicality of carrying it, we thought it was unattractive and masculine-looking. My mom jokingly said that we should bling it out, and my dad came up with the name ‘Blingsting’ immediately after. I knew at that point that I wanted to take the risk and start the business. After years of working on it here and there, we are now in our first six months of selling the product.  It’s been so much fun and a lot of work. It was in idea born in our living room and never would have happened if my dad wasn’t such a worrier and my mom wasn’t quite so girly. I never thought I’d see the day where personal safety could be so chic.

The color options are adorable.  Are you hoping that the design of this product will encourage women to take more safety precautions?

Absolutely. Many girls have told me that they used to carry pepper spray.  They lost it or forgot about it.  I think by designing a pepper spray case that speaks to girls in a unique and updated way is important. I also put a lot of thought into the design of the packaging. I wanted it to feel like a really nice little gift and look like something you’d pick up at Sephora or Victoria’s Secret. Of course, there are definite limitations on what pepper spray can and can’t do. It’s not always the answer.

The concept of the product is very attractive. What type of feedback have you gotten so far?

We have only been selling for six months, and the response has been amazing! I feel an enormous sense of pride when I log on to Twitter or Instagram and see girls telling the world how excited they are to have a Blingsting. Each day, we get orders from new stores all over the country. We’re doing well in hardware and hunting stores.  We’re also doing very well in more fashion-driven retailers and boutiques, too. Even high-end stores like Kitson in Los Angeles are carrying the product. You know when a super-chic store like Kitson picks up a pepper spray line, we’re doing something right!

Any celebrity clients?

Not yet.   We are getting a lot of high-profile press and you never know where that will lead. We were recently profiled by New York Magazine’s The Cut and are looking forward to upcoming coverage in the October issues of Marie Claire and Cosmo.  Hopefullyour first celeb client isn’t too far away. I know that I’d personally love to see someone like Carrie Underwood with a pink Blingsting. Maybe Taylor Swift with a red and perhaps a silver for Beyonce. Famous people need pepper spray too, right?

For more information on how to place an order, click here.


  • Reply October 8, 2013

    Wendy Megyese

    Guys don’t always understand why a woman would want pretty pepper spray. I believe it is awesome that you can be stylish and safe. I got mine at

  • Reply October 9, 2013

    Rahkal Shelton

    Love this concept! Being safe and cute at the same time. Yes!! Great find and awesome segment on KHOU. You look amazing and totally cut out for this. I can’t wait to see how far MCoS goes. You are incredible!! Keep working hard lovely. I appreciate your work.


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