Savvy Thrift Tips For the Not-So-Savvy Thrifter


Need a little help navigating through the thrift store world of fashion treasures?  Here are five thrift store shopping tips from a shopping pro, Martyna Domurad of

Find A Good Thrift Store

Not all thrift stores are created equal. Research your area for the best stores with the best prices and selection.  Consider what kind of neighborhood the store is located in. Donations are most likely from local residents, so a college town may have trendier items while an older established neighborhood might have older, quality pieces. Even though a clean and organized thrift store might be more appealing than a smaller cluttered one, sometimes there’s a better chance of striking gold where things are harder to find.

Have Lots Of Time To Spend 

Give yourself ample time to spend in a thrift store. I would suggest at least a solid hour. This will give you enough time to peruse all the sections and try on clothes and accessories. Remember, it’s not a department store. Everything is not expertly displayed (for the most part).

Keep An Open Mind 

It’s a treasure hunt! Even when you’re looking for a specific treasure, another gem might appear. Some of these ‘gems’ aren’t shining bright and proclaiming their worth to you in the form of new designer jeans.  It sometimes will come in the form of a vintage silk blouse hiding in the kids pajamas section or a roughed up pair of leather boots that only need a spit shine to look as good as new.

Judge clothes by how they look and feel, not by their labels. The beauty of thrift stores is that you can find fashions from the last fifty plus years. That being said, sizing can be different based on when and where the clothes were made. You have nothing to lose by trying something on.

Stay Informed

When does the store bring out new merchandise? Some larger stores roll out racks of new clothes every half hour.  Smaller stores may bring out new merchandise twice a week. Visiting the store when merchandise comes out gives you a better chance of finding amazing treasures.

Many thrift stores offer sales and discounts. Find out sale days and specials on a thrift stores website or go in and ask for a flyer. If you are not interested in sales, you should still know when they’re happening. Visiting the store after a sale could leave you with a very picked-over selection.

Don’t get Discouraged

Don’t give up. Thrift shopping takes time and energy but is ultimately worth it. You’ll eventually get the hang of it – I promise! Time and practice is all it takes. Soon enough you will develop tunnel vision and know exactly what you’re looking for and where to find it.

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