Tips For Straightening Natural Hair

It’s been a year since starting my natural hair journey, and I’ve performed my fair share of  research on natural hair care.   I can say that I have learned so much in such a short time, but I’m still trying to figure out the best tools for straightening those kinks!  In pursuit of finding the best flat iron on the market for natural hair, I sought out the expertise of a natural hair stylist (Shelly English) at a local Ulta.

Call me late but before starting this research process, I thought the CHI was the best flat iron on the market for all types of hair.  I was wrong.  Shelly suggests that BaByliss Pro is the best for natural hair!  Here’s what I know: The titanium plate is supposed to make a WORLD of difference. It’s great for keeping your hair frizz free. It has various heat settings that you can adjust to suit individual hair needs. For $140, it sounds like a winner.

BaBy Liss Pro :: $140

BaByliss Pro :: $140

If you’re all about ceramics, try the Brocato or Sedu flat iron brands.

Don’t forget that a flat iron can get extremely hot and isn’t the healthiest hair option if used on your hair alone.  That’s why it’s important to use a heat protectant before applying heat.  Use with care and be sure to set the temperature according to your hair type.  Here are a few tips that will help maintain a healthy coil:

  • Find a stylist that you trust.  If that doesn’t work and you decide to do it yourself, be sure to research and ask around.  One of my coworkers went to a hair stylist to get her hair straightened.  It caused major damage.  The stylist was more focused on straightening her coils and totally neglected the health of her hair.  You get the picture.
  • Your hair won’t be completely straight.  When you decided to surrender the creamy crack, you immediately said yes to wild strands and textured edges.  Don’t waste your time frying the crap out of your hair. It’s not worth it.
  • Blow dry first, flat iron second.  NEVER, ever flat iron your hair wet.  Once you blow dry it, apply the heat protectant and proceed from there.
  • Test a small section first.  Start with a low setting.  If that level doesn’t give you what you want, turn the level of heat up a notch and give the iron five minutes to adjust to that setting.  Proceed with caution.

For a detailed video on tips for flat ironing your hair view “NO HEAT DAMAGE!!! How To Straighten Natural Hair Tutorial”, posted by My Natural Sistas on YouTube.

Photo Credits: Flickr , Ulta

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    Rahkal Shelton


    This information is uber helpful as I thought the Chi iron was everything. I’d have to research these irons for sure. Would you recommend one to add leave in condition and/or lotions while hair is damp? Should we blow dry that into the hair and then flat iron?

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