Meet Courtney. She’s So Fab.

I love meeting amazing people that are making huge impacts in the community!

Meet Courtney Hixon.

She has beauty, brains and a smashing wardrobe to match.  Plus, she’s the creative mind behind the CJH BakeLab. Get this — CJH BakeLab is a really cool creativity laboratory for kids and a cosmetic laboratory for adults. Where was she when I was a kid?!  The lab covers subjects of art and science, with focuses in painting, design, formulation chemistry, and robotics. The cosmetic laboratory focuses on the research, formulation, and product development of cosmetic and personal care products through the guidance of an experienced cosmetic chemist.

It’s pretty obvious that Courtney has a passion for instructing science in a fun and applicable sense for all ages using both art & food projects.  She hopes to shorten the learning curve for all creative young people.

More about Courtney:

Hometown: Pensacola, FL

Lived: Chicago, New York, New Jersey and New Orleans

Background:  Product development within cosmetic companies

First love: The arts in it’s many forms and cosmetic science

Read more about Courtney and all of the wonderful things that she’s doing by clicking here.

CJH BakeLab Press Kit 2


  • Reply April 29, 2014

    Hazel Hixon

    I just would like to comment on Miss Courtney Hixon, she is one beautiful girl inside and out. She is setting an example for all young ladies that if you believe it you can receive it. Don’t give up on your dream, Courtney is walking in her destiny and having fun doing it. We love that girl.

    • Reply April 30, 2014

      Morning Cup of Style

      Wow! I can only imagine. This mini feature was truly an honor. Glad that she’s making an amazing impact in the community! Wishing her the best.

  • Reply April 30, 2014


    She’s beautiful. Where did she get that skirt?

    • Reply April 30, 2014

      Morning Cup of Style

      Hi Shawn! She’s gorgeous! Let me find out and I’ll get back to you…

  • Reply May 4, 2014


    Thank you so much. I love bright colored skirts but I can never find them in my area.

    • Reply May 6, 2014

      Morning Cup of Style

      Hi Shawn —

      It’s a DIY skirt. She actually made it. If you Google ‘DIY Tulle Skirt’ all sorts of stuff will pop up! Good luck!

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