Workout & Pregnancy

Pregnancy Workout

As of late, I’ve made a concious effort to beef up my workout routine.  I’ve even gone as far as to hire a personal trainer.
Why? According to my doula and midwife, it helps with the labor and healing process after having the baby.

I guess it helps to have some of the coolest Nike gear from your closest gal pal!

Although I ran track for 13 years, I’m very careful and exercise strong wisdom when hitting the weights.  My pregnancy experience has been pretty breezy. However, with the occassional tiredness from time-to-time, working out definitely gifts me a boost.

If working out isn’t your thing, don’t feel pressured. Try to think about simple stuff like 20 squats a day, kegels, or sitting on a medicine ball for an hour (great for the back and tummy muscles).

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