Update: Pregnancy Fashion

I’m six months and counting. Actually, I’ll be 7 months next week. Can you believe it?!

As exhausted as I get, that hasn’t slowed me down with my glam routine. Granted, it’s much simpler these days but I take great pride in doing a little “something” that will make me beam but not loathe dressing in the morning.

The three pictures posted above were taken within the last week.

First, the hair.  I’ve been on the natural journey (round 2) for the last two years and have hated it. Since being pregnant, my hair loves me more. Braid outs are my go-to style because once it gets old, I can pull it in a puff or braid it back (inspired by Tracee Ellis Ross).

Next, the clothes. If I can’t pull something together in 5 minutes, I just start over. Why hassle over being perfect? The winter months are perfect for pregnancy because I absolutely LOVE to layer. I have fun with dresses, belts, kimonos, and blazers. Find one driving piece for your entire ensemble and go from there. It makes life so much easier.

Last but not least, my shoes. I went on a shoe shopping binge and recently purchased three pair of heels. The maximum time that I’ll spend wearing them are two hours. That’s for after the baby.

For everyday, I try to go with a trendy low heel that will compliment my outfit but also not make me look like a librarian. Who wants that? Comfort and style is everything for my world.

So, all of that is pretty simple, right?  Good luck!

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