2018: New Year, New Beginnings


2018 is going to be such a fantastic year!  Each and everyday that I have breath and a sound mind, I’m extremely grateful. Family means everything, so having them each day is even more meaningful.  Although I had all of those things listed in 2017, this year was very interesting (to say the least). This was definitely my year for preparation and much needed growth for what’s ahead.

One of the biggest leaps of the year that I took was stepping out on faith to resign from my job as a reporter for an NBC affiliate. Say, what?! Yes! I prayed about it for at least seven months and finally came to the realization that if I never take a step of faith, how will I EVER experience some of God’s greatest work?

I have a master’s degree in journalism and when I started this television journey, I always knew that I wanted to work in a dynamic that allowed me to connect with people and have fun telling their stories. As I lived that dream, I finally realized that working 60-hour weeks was probably not the best option for me (at least if you work that much, make sure that the long hours make sense for your next step). To add, I was always tired, drained, and exhausted.  I had no social life. One of my mantras that I live by when it comes to my career is to never allow a job to give me permission to live my life.  Here I am, a 30-something wife and mom — flying by the seat of my pants (daily) and simply just existing.  What purpose does that have?  I started journaling, praying, and seeking support for the new season that I was completely terrified of facing. Once I decided to make fear my friend by allowing it to drive me to a space of greater confidence, faith and trust — everything changed. The week that I actually submitted my resignation — a door opened days before. Two weeks after that, another. Then, another. From radio guest interviews, to special event invites, to hosting events with major brands (private & public) to new job opportunities — my mind was completely blown and I was clearly seeing the many great things that were waiting for me on the other side. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful for the opportunities and relationships that  I was able to build. But…every opportunity, no matter what, has an expiration date. My time was up.

The five things I walked away learning, I want to share with you:

1. Never allow any job to give you permission to live your own life. Whether you’re working for someone else or own a business, there are options.

2. Nothing in this world is worth sacrificing your peace.

3. Prioritize! Prioritize! Prioritize!

4. Your purpose at your job isn’t always about elevation and a pay hike.

5. Even in the most impatient moments with some of the most difficult and dysfunctional people, always play your cards smart. If not, you lose.

As I gear up for 2018 (I promise I can share details very, very soon), my heart is full of gratitude, love, and happiness.  Whether you follow me here, on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook — you will have a front row seat in my new season. Enjoy the ride <3

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