It’s amazing how you move so quickly through life that you don’t take the time to humbly recognize how far you’ve come and where you stand today. Gratefulness. It’s okay to slow down long enough to enjoy the present as a present without always focusing on pressing the fast forward button to the future.
We live in a society where we are driven for always finding solutions. We are constantly looking for answers or the big “what’s next” that we totally miss out on today. In 2017, I realized that I was just existing and that I wasn’t being present. What a waste! My son was speaking Spanish, and I was always too exhausted to be alert for both my husband and son. I figured that if I didn’t check my heart and slow down, one day I’d look feeling lost because the time has flown by and I missed it all.  That’s no way to live, right? Since I’ve made the decision to slow down and make decisions without carrying the guilt of saying no, life has been so much greater. I’m more focused and in the moment. It’s all a part of my purpose.
I hope that you can take extra time to slow down to do yourself the same favor.
x. Dee

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